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The future of call centres

future of call centres

Tuesday 2nd of June 2015 14:40

Since call centres first came about in the 1980’s they have changed dramatically, especially during the last decade. As technology develops and evolves every day, it is expected that there are still plenty of changes to come within the next few years.

Here we take a look at some of the key changes expected to happen in the near future:

Multichannel and multilingual support

A lot of call centres provide services for global companies and global customers already, and it is thought that over the next few years they will adopt multilingual support to cater for a wider variety of people. By doing so, many major contractors will be more interested in working with these call centres.

In addition, call centres are also expected to expand their services by providing multichannel support to their customers. This comes mainly from the increased trend of social media channels.

Advanced analytics

Call centres will soon start using advanced analytics in order to broaden their understanding of customer needs and behaviours. In addition, call centres should transform their business as customer insight centres as well as call centres, which can offer data analytics services to their clients.

Integrating mobility

With the huge popularity of smartphones today, call centres will soon integrate mobility with existing call centre capabilities.

For example, web-based customer services should be able to use mobile devices to avoid losing customers. Another advantage of ‘going mobile’ is that details of the customers such as location and service history will be documented, which plays a big role in analytics.

Corporate culture

Call centre agents often get disengaged and unmotivated and this can have a huge impact on their productivity and efficiency. There have been many studies which prove that developing a great corporate culture has a big influence on employees and how they work.

Technical advances

New technical advances will become popular in the future which will change the way companies connect and interact with their customers. An example of these new technologies is virtual call centres, which will lessen the need for agents.


Another trend that is set to become popular in the future is that customers will be provided with the tools to find the solutions to their problems. Technology, such as speech recognition, will allow customers to interact with systems without having to push any buttons and they can resolve their issues without talking to an agent.

More than a supplier

Call centres will soon be seen as more than just a supply or vendor business as they become a partner in delivering business to its clients, as well as providing a service. Companies will do this by fully understanding a client’s business (such as their strengths and weaknesses) and then being able to evaluate and improve them.

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